EDGE Innovate, based in Northern Ireland has over 25 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and exporting of material handling and recycling equipment. EDGE pushes the boundaries of design and manufacturing to produce hard working, quality machinery to fit any materials handling requirement from recycling to quarrying.

IRP Fire and Safety has been a proud agent since 2010. There are four edge machines, here in Trinidad and Tobago. MS-80 stock piler, TRT-622 Trommel Sorting Machine, Shredder Slayer XL and the Modular Picking Station “MPS-48”. Like Edge, we offer hard working quality machinery that brings real operational benefits to our customers right across the world.


EDGE Innovate’s range of slow speed, high torque waste shredders are probably the most flexible and functional slow-speed shredder on the market today. Designed with strength, durability and serviceability in mind, our shredders can handle almost any material in any application. With a huge range of both rapid volume reduction and intricate piece sizing solutions available, our shredders can be employed as either a primary or secondary shredder and can be seen working anywhere from waste management companies to biofuel producers.


EDGE Innovate’s Recycling Range utilizes both mechanical separation in the form of the latest advancement in light V heavy material classification technology and manual picking via our innovative mobile modular picking station.  The separation techniques utilized by EDGE Innovate’s  Recycling Range  allow for the easy identification and cost efficient separation of valuable commodities from the waste stream. EDGE Innovate’s range of  material classifiers (windshifter) allow for the extraction of up to four different products using controlled air as a separation medium and incorporates easily adjustable components such as air flow rate, feed conveyor belt speed and drum positioning. All of which enable our units to be customised for optimum production in a wide range of applications.


Our class leading Trommels are designed for maximum productivity and superior screening efficiency. Our range of fuel efficient Trommels offers customers a heavy-duty construction design combined with high maneuverability impressive design features such as the 180° radial fines conveyor and intelligent hydraulic load sensing system are standard features across our entire range.


With over 1000 mobile stockpilers manufactured and working across the world to date, the edge range of mobile stackers has been tried and tested in the harshest of environments.  With productivity, mobility, and minimizing operator costs as its central design principles, the mobile stockpiler range of conveyors are the most cost-effective and efficient way of stockpiling or transferring material on the market today.


Compaction, Contamination, Material Bridging and risk of Combustion. The four traditional problems commercial compost producers have faced when attempting to stockpile mulch. The EDGE FTS Mulch Master combines traditional flipping and rotation with constant material flow to overcome these traditional challenges, & also giving you a cheaper alternative to a windrow turner.

Designed specifically for the stockpiling of lower density, bulky materials such as mulch, compost and soils, the EDGE FTS Mulch Master boasts a huge hopper capacity of 19.6yrds³.


EDGE Innovate understands that product quality is the single most important contributor to an organic waste recycling facility’s success and ultimately their market share.

When it comes to processing organic waste, EDGE Innovate offers a full range of slow speed shredders, trommel screens, material classifiers, picking stations and stacking conveyors.

Whether operators are converting organic waste to compost, mulch, potting soils or biomass; our technology ensures that operators recover the maximum volume of material; free from foreign objects such as plastic, paper, aggregate and ferrous metal.

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