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  • Extinguisher, Fire CO2 100lbs, Wheeled Unit

    Extinguisher, Fire CO2 100lbs, Wheeled Unit, 60″H x 30” W x 21” D. Hose diameter 1′ x 40ft, Solid Rubber Tyres:Range 15 feet/Discharge Time 80 secs., (Spun Steel DOTCylinder), Plated Brass Valve, 240hr Salt Spray Tested, UL Rating 240B:C, UL Listed. Buckeye P/N 35100

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  • Extinguisher, (KIT) 10lbs (5KGs) CO2, Portable

    Extinguisher, (KIT) 10lbs (5KGs) CO2, Portable, Stored Pressure (SP), Discharge Time: 13 sec, Discharge Range: 2m (6.6ft) Fire Rating : 55B,C, STD BS EN 3-7:2004 + A1:2007, c/wFire Extinguisher, Tag Seal and Inspection Tag (Combat Model# C-5CSEC). Lingjack P/N 20800717

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  • Extinguisher, CO2, Buckeye, Gas

    Extinguisher, CO2, Buckeye, Gas, Plated Brass Valve, SS Handle & Lever, Bracket: Wall, (Aluminium Cylinder), 240hr Salt Spray Tested, c/w Fire Extinguisher Sign, Tag Seal and Inspection Tag. UL Listed. Buckeye

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  • Extinguisher, Fire CO2 50lbs, Wheeled Unit

    Extinguisher, Fire CO2 50lbs, Wheeled Unit, Model # C-50-SE, 60″H x 31″W x 21″D, Hose: 1/2″ x 15ft, Range: 15ft, Discharge Time: 40secs, Rubber Wheels, UL Listed 20-B:C. Buckeye P/N 35050

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