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  • Rescue 8 Decender, Aluminium

    Fall Arrest, Rescue 8 Descender, Aluminium, Machined from 12.5mm Plate, UL Classified to NFPA 1983 – General Use

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  • Anchorage Connector Strap 5 feet complete with D-Ring

    Fall Arrest, Strap Anchorage 5ft D-Ring Double, Connector, Nylon (Std/Large)

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  • Edge Pad

    Rescue, Edge Pad, 30″ x 34″ Heavy Duty, Rugged 24 Ounce #4 Canvas Corner Grommets Natural

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  • Rescue Ascender

    Rescue, Ascender, 1/2″ Aluminum, 3/16″ Shell, Spring Loaded Breaking Strength 5000lbs

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  • Rescue Harness, Regular seat Class II, NFPA 1983

    Rescue, Harness CMC Regular Seat Class II designed to meet the needs of search & rescue better than a recreational climbing harness. The D-ring attachment point made connecting carabiners easy even when hanging in the harness. Extra wide waist and leg loops created more of a work platform than the slim profile of a climbing harness. Molded waist and leg pads for greater comfort, a rear waist D-ring for travel restraint, and gear slings on each side. UL Classified to NFPA 1983 – Class II.

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