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  • Rescue 8 Decender, Aluminium

    Fall Arrest, Rescue 8 Descender, Aluminium, Machined from 12.5mm Plate, UL Classified to NFPA 1983 – General Use

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  • Anchorage Connector Strap 5 feet complete with D-Ring

    Fall Arrest, Strap Anchorage 5ft D-Ring Double, Connector, Nylon (Std/Large)

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  • Edge Pad

    Rescue, Edge Pad, 30″ x 34″ Heavy Duty, Rugged 24 Ounce #4 Canvas Corner Grommets Natural

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  • Rescue Ascender

    Rescue, Ascender, 1/2″ Aluminum, 3/16″ Shell, Spring Loaded Breaking Strength 5000lbs

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  • Rescue Harness, Regular seat Class II, NFPA 1983

    Rescue, Harness CMC Regular Seat Class II designed to meet the needs of search & rescue better than a recreational climbing harness. The D-ring attachment point made connecting carabiners easy even when hanging in the harness. Extra wide waist and leg loops created more of a work platform than the slim profile of a climbing harness. Molded waist and leg pads for greater comfort, a rear waist D-ring for travel restraint, and gear slings on each side. UL Classified to NFPA 1983 – Class II.

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  • Rescue Pulley, Double Oilite 2″ x 1/2″

    Rescue, Pulley Double Oilite 2″ x 1/2″, SS Sideplate w/Becket, 3/4″ Carabiner Hole

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  • Rescue Pulley, Double, UL Classified, NFPA 1983

    Rescue, Pulley Double, Gold, CMC ProSeries – UL Classified to NFPA 1983 – General Use

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  • Rope Rescue Team Kit

    Rope, Rescue Team Kit – Rigging contains the minimum equipment required to handle most high or low-angle rope rescue responses. Included is a main line with mechanical advantage for raising and a rack for lowering, a belay line, a stretcher with a patient packaging system, and gear for setting up anchors. UL Classified to NFPA 1983

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  • Sked Basic Rescue System

    Sked Basic Rescue System Equipped for Hoisting by Helicopter, Stretcher is rolled for storage in a Tough Cordura Bag, Backpack also included with System

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  • XTIRPA confine space entry complete with manhole guard system

    Manhole Guard System, XTIRPA, Used for Confined Space Entry, Comprised of: Davit Arm 24″ Reach, Manhole Guard Integrated Mast 42″, Stabilizer for Manhole Guard, Workman Rescuer, Workman Winch, Workman Mounting Bracket

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  • Rescue Utility System, 200′

    Rescue Utility System, Suretyman, 200’ length, multi-purpose, ascent or descent, with anti-reversing pulleys

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  • Rescue Pole/Remote Hook

    Rescue Pole 6ft – 12ft (1.8m – 3.6m), Adjustable, Fibre Glass Construction, Twist Locking Mechanism complete with Remote hook, aluminum, with web sling, Pole adapter, aliminum/rubber, Storage bag

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  • Rescue Rope, HTP Static, Blue with Tracer, General use rope

    Rescue, HTP Static Blue w/Tracer, General use rescue rope. Used in mainline rescue and belay line systems. Suitable for low stretch/high strength rescue, low and steep slope rescue, high angle safety work, window washing, industrial safety and confined space operations. WS Darley

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    Item # 760001
    Product Weight 31.8 kg (70 lb) (Tripod Only)
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1700 x 310 x 310 (Tripod Only)
    Product Color Silver / Red
    NFPA Classification General Use
    EN Standards EN 795:2012 Type B; CEN/TS 16415:2013 Type B
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