MSA G1 SCBA Set, Fire Service, complete with 60 Min Cylinder, NIOSH Approved, NFPA...

SCBA, MMR G1 Fire Service (FS), 4500psig, CGA Threaded Remote Cylinder Con., Harness Std w/Chest Strap, Cradle Type: Metal Band, Adjustable Swivel Lumbar Pad, Reg., Type: Solid Cover Left Shd., Continuous Hose Regulator, w/o Emergency Breathing Support, Left Chest Speaker Module, Pass: Right Shoulder, Rechargeable Battery, (w/o Cylinder, Facepiece & Hard Case). MSA P/N A-G1FS-4-2-2-M-A-2-C-0-L-A-R

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MSA G1 Fire Service SCBA Data Sheet

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