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Mobile Shutdown Services

Competitive Edge

Mobile Shutdown Trailer

  • 24 hr. On-Site Service
  • MSA Certified Technicians to Service, Calibrate and Repair Portable Gas Testers, SCBA’s & Airline Systems
  • Technical Training on Equipment
  • Cylinder Re-filling
  • Rental Equipment for Respiratory Protection, Gas Detection, Fall Protection, Personal Protection and Confined Space Entry
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Safety Supplies – PPE, Respirators, etc.
  • Scheduling of People and Resources

On-board Equipment

  • 75 Altair 4X Multigas Detectors –(Glow-in-the-Dark)
  • Galaxy Automated Test System
  • 20 – 300 Cu. Ft. Cylinders
  • 2 Breathing Air Carts
    –3 lengths 50ft. Hose (ea.)
    –3 PremAires (ea.)
  • 600 Advantage 1000 Full-Face Respirators c/w GME Cartridges in Pouches
  • Field ID System

Altair 4X (Glow-in-the-Dark)

  • MSA Excel Sensors
  • Large High-Contrast Liquid Crystal Display
  • End of Life Sensor Warning
  • Durable Rubberized Housing
  • 24 hr. Battery Run Time
  • Easy Bump Check Mode with 24 hr. Checkmark Indicator
  • InstantAlert & MotionAlert

Galaxy Automated Test System

  • Easy setup
  • Simple use with touch-free testing
  • Faster Total Testing (Bump Test & Calibration)
  • Instruments Back In Operation Quickly

Breathing Air Cart

  • The Industrial Air Cart permits up to 4 NIOSH approved air-line respirators to be connected to 2 one-hour 4,500 psig breathing apparatus cylinders

PremAire System

  • High-performance supplied-air respirator with mask-mounted regulator that responds quickly to wearer’s changing breathing requirements.
  • Full facepiece protection with Ultra Elite® or Advantage® 4000 Facepieces
  • Can be upgraded to the versatile PremAire System
  • NIOSH-approved

Advantage 1000

  • Flexible Urethane Lens for Improved Vision
  • 6 Point Head Harness for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Nosecup Improves Comfort and Eliminates Lens Fogging
  • Mechanical Speaking Diaphragm
  • Super-Soft Hycar Rubber Facepiece

Trailer Mounted Compressor System

  • Compressed Air for Human Respiration - Grade E Air
  • Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of CGA Pamphlet G-7
  • Compressor, Purification & Storage System
  • 27 HP Diesel Engine c/w Spark Arrestor
  • UL508A Compliant Electrical Panel with Warning System
  • BAUER 13cfm diesel compressor
  • Unique diesel drive systems that incorporate BAUER’s exclusive automatic belt tightening system
  • Electronic CO monitor
  • Four 6000psi DOT air storage cylinders
  • Two-position containment fill station
  • Four bank dual-function cascade controls with air direction valve
  • Hydraulic surge brakes with breakaway actuator
  • Interior lights
  • Spare tire with cover
  • 75 foot 6000 Psi. hose reel

ISEA Recommendations

  • A bump test (function check) or calibration check of portable gas monitors should be conducted before each day’s use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Any portable gas monitor which fails a bump test or calibration check should be adjusted by means of a full calibration procedure before further use, or removed from service.
  • A FULL CALIBRATION should be conducted at regular intervals in accordance with instructions specified by the instruments manufacturer, internal company policy or regulatory agency

Benefits to you

  • Ready to use Tested & Certified Equipment
  • Improved Safety Compliance, Quality Control and Accountability
  • Around the Clock Access to Equipment and Trained Personnel
  • Achievement of Maximum Asset Utilization
  • Reduced Initial Capital Investment
  • Cost Saving Benefits from Reduced or Eliminated Job Stoppage due to Instrument Malfunction
  • Unplanned Emergency Readiness
  • Feel Safer
  • Let IRP Fire & Safety Limited handle the Operational Details

What It All Means

  • You can avoid the loss of INCOME & ADDITIONAL COSTS associated with extended shutdown runs by ensuring that you have available on-site 24hrs.:
  • ALL the Confined Space Equipment required to complete jobs
  • Trained & Certified Technicians

Protect Your Staff & Bottom Line

  • Regular Options for Shutdowns & Turnarounds
    –Purchase Additional Equipment
    –Allow Contractors to use their own Equipment and pass the cost to you
  • This can lead to potential plant losses from increased cost or work stoppage from lack of resources

Our Mobile Shutdown Trailer gives you the power to maximize asset utilization while minimizing up-front capital costs