About IRP

IRP Fire & Safety Limited is a member of the IRP Group of companies. Incorporated in 1974 we have served the Trinidad and Tobago market with distinction and integrity for almost 40 years.

Who we are

IRP Fire & Safety Ltd. is the leading supplier of Fire, Safety, Marine and Environmental products to many local and regional industries. Some of these industries include, but are not limited to: The Oil, Gas, Energy & Petrochemical sectors, the Manufacturing sector, Power Generation, Construction companies, the Military as well as Service Contractors.

IRP Fire & Safety Ltd. represents many of the world’s leading manufacturers of Fire, Safety, Marine and Environmental equipment. Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Fike, Williams Fire & Hazard Control, Akron Brass, Dunlop Oil & Marine, Ultra-Tech, Inc. and Elastec/American Marine comprises just a small cross-section of our supplier base.

Product Range

Some of the products we offer include: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Fall Protection Systems and Equipment, Gas Detection Equipment, Firefighting Tools & Equipment, Fire Detection & Suppression Systems for Industrial Plants and Offshore Platforms. We also offer Marine Hoses and accessories as well as Oil Spill Response Equipment.


IRP Fire & Safety Ltd.’s fully equipped Service Centre includes highly trained and certified technicians to repair and certify all products purchased from us. In addition we also provide to our customers full training on the proper care, usage and maintenance of supplied equipment. Our services also extends to a 24 hour onsite Trailer that is outfitted with equipment for service and calibration of gas detectors, SCBA cylinder re-filling and Respirator fit testing. Certified Technicians are stationed in the trailer to ensure that any plant shutdown or turnaround can be completed without the loss of productivity through equipment delays.

Health & Safety Policy

IRP Fire & Safety Ltd. is committed to providing Health, Safety and a suitable working environment in the best interest of our employees, customers, contractors and visitors who can be affected by our operations by adhering to the following principles: Compliance with local Health, Safety and Environmental laws, regulations and standards as they pertain to our operations. Protection and Security for our employees, minimizing waste, health and safety education for employees, the provision of relevant equipment, information, training, instructions and supervision. We will identify, assess potential hazards to prevent and control risk. We will work along with a Preventative Maintenance Program to an accident / incident free workplace as well as a drug and alcohol free environment.

STOW Certification

IRP Limited and IRP Fire & Safety Limited has achieved a two (2) year STOW Certification which testifies to the discipline, awareness and commitment to the highest standards of best practices in the areas of Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).

Business Principles

Our business is based upon trust, honesty and integrity. All of our stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers as well as business partners should expect high ethical standards from us. We owe them a duty to abide by these business conduct standards at all times. We are confident that complying with these values and principles will safeguard and enhance the company’s reputation, and ensure our continuing business success.

IRP Fire & Safety Ltd. places great importance on compliance with any laws or regulations that affect our operations and these business principles should serve as additional guidance to supplement the laws and specific rules that apply in your work environment. We expect all employees to comply with these Business
Principles at all times so that it becomes a core part of our business culture.