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Can you as a Facilities/Maintenance Manager or Leadership of a Company be confident………that the place at which you work, where there are customers/visitors/residents, that the Fire water system “WOULD WORK?” Fire water pumps are an integral part of a fire water system and they are different to Potable water pumps. The components making up a fire water pump are designed to a higher quality, are more robust, and have listing(s) from 3rd party tests labs and/or agencies thus increasing its reliability and functionality when required to start and run during a fire event. When a Fire starts, there is no time to check the pump, fiddle and fix it, tighten components, and hope it starts. They are designed to run to failure, till all the water runs out or when the fire is out.

ASK yourself these questions:

When last did you test your fire water pump? When last did you start it? Do you check it Daily, Weekly or Monthly? Don’t wait…..CHECK IT NOW

As per NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems 2020 Edition

An annual test of each pump assembly shall be conducted by qualified personnel under no-flow (churn), rated flow, and 150 percent of the pump rated capacity flow of the fire pump by controlling the quantity of water discharged through approved test devices.

The fire pump assembly shall be considered acceptable if either of the following conditions is shown during the test:

(1)*The test is no less than 95 percent of the pressure at rated flow and rated speed of the initial unadjusted field acceptance test curve, provided that the original acceptance test curve matches the original certified pump curve by using theoretical factors.

(2) The fire pump is no less than 95 percent of the performance characteristics as indicated on the pump nameplate.

Degradation in excess of 5 percent of the pressure of the initial unadjusted acceptance test curve or nameplate shall require an investigation to reveal the cause of degraded performance.

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